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Series in Helvetia …
                          It is already history!

In July 2008, Yves and Remy participated in the « Ballad of the 60th » organized by the FrenchClub « Temps des Series.’
In England, a large program, including a memorable visit to the Land Rover factory, the Billing Show, and a warm welcome from the club OLLR in the Peak District. Which marked the beginningand gave us some ideas …

On the way back the seed of an idea germinates: We have beautiful scenery, Army landadjacent and understanding authorities.
Our friends in Switzerland are attracted by our project, and our civilian and military authoritiesagree to help us: Bravo!

Our first gathering was with the clubs “Temps des Series  » and LROS (Land Rover ClubSwitzerland) who helped us greatly with translations, tips, registrations etc, and in July 2009 ,a gathering of 35 Interclub Series!
After this great success, the only thing was to do it again! … every two years, not to get too tired, and especially not to bore the many volunteers who help us! Many thanks to them!

Second edition in July 2011, 55 series attended the full Weekend and 87 came for the Sunday photo! Including 16 Series 1! Our event is international: France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg and England. Some have travelled more than 2000 kms, and most of you will realize what 2000kms in a Series really means!

The following meetings: an identical success with varied distant nationalities

For the next events, (every two years) motivate all your acquaintances; empty out all your barns!Bring your old Series from near and far to take part in this event!

Below, our sponsors, without whose help it would be very difficult to receive our guests. Many thanks to them!